Top Rated

CD/Spectrum Pro 2006.0204 CD/Spectrum Pro 2006.0204

CD/Spectrum Pro is a 32bit shareware CD-Audio Player with Graphical Spectrum Analyzer and MP3/WAV player.

StarCD 1.4 StarCD 1.4

StarCD is a full featured AudioCD player with very nice digital audio processes.

CDMaster32 CDMaster32

CDMASTER is a shareware (free to try) CD player that provides conversion technologies for WAV, MP3, and CDs.

WinCD 2.71 WinCD 2.71
Konrad Windszus

WinCD is a multimedia player, that can play back MP3s, CDs, Wave and Ogg-Vorbis files.

iPilot 1.01 iPilot 1.01
Invention Pilot, Inc

iPilot is an attractively-looking control center for your CD-ROM and WinAMP.

OrangeCD Player 6.4.9 OrangeCD Player 6.4.9
Firetongue Software

OrangeCD Player is a classic systray based CD player tool which features a full set of playback options that includes random and programmed play, and a smart retain-position function (even if you restart your computer every ten minutes, you don't have to listen the first track over and over).

Ace Media Player 2.8.398 Ace Media Player 2.8.398
GustoSoft, Inc.

Ace Media Player is the most convenient mpeg, divx, rm(Real), mov(QuickTime), dat(Video-CD), asf, wmv, avi media player under windows platform.

EZPlay 2.0 EZPlay 2.0
William F. Cravener

Makes it easy to play your WAV, MP3, Midi & CD Tracks.

CD-Runner 2012.10 CD-Runner 2012.10
Beyond Software

CD-Runner includes three specially created faceplates, which are designed to look like real home hi-fi / VCR equipment, and are highly customizable.

Blaze TrayAudio 3.0 Blaze TrayAudio 3.0
Mystik Media

Blaze TrayAudio is a little yet strong media player for playing all of your favorite multimedia files.

CDH Media Wizard 11.0 CDH Media Wizard 11.0
CDH Productions

CDH Media Wizard - Powerhouse all-in-one media player, playlist (including full screen video), converter, editor, recorder, and much more.

PartyDJ PartyDJ
Damir Colak

This DJ tool gets down to business with support for multiple playlists, powerful commands for altering song order and creating new lists.

Multimedia Manager 2.5a Multimedia Manager 2.5a
Tropical Wares

Multimedia Manager is an all-in-one multimedia software that lets you view, play and manage your multimedia files in style.

Media Center 12.0.207 Media Center 12.0.207
J. River, Inc.

Organize and experience all your media -- music, photos, and video YOUR way - all from a single software program! Connect your PC to your home entertainment hardware and control it all with a remote! Load your music on your iPod while you watch TV! Media Center is a software that helps you collect, organize and play media files.

CDmax 2.0.3 CDmax 2.0.3

CDmax is a Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP audio CD player.

Audition 2000 4.3 Audition 2000 4.3
Gregory Braun

Audition is an utility that allows you to play sound files located in a disk directory.

MidiRunner MidiRunner
Alberto Farinelli

MidiRunner is an integrated Play Center for MIDI, MP3, Wave, CD-Audio files and all others WindowsMedia supported sound files.

Wordware CD Player for Word 2.0 Wordware CD Player for Word 2.0

Enjoy CDs (Compact Disc Audio) while you work - right from inside Word for Windows! It works like a real CD Player with options for Play, Skip Tracks Forwards and Backwards, Pause, and Eject.

AbyssAudio Pro 2.40 AbyssAudio Pro 2.40

AbyssAudio Pro is designed to clean up your hard drive and get your library in order with a simple click.

Robs Stupid Mp3 Player 1.0 Robs Stupid Mp3 Player 1.0
Rob Done

Robs Stupid Jukebox does everything you need for listening to and managing your music collection except ripping the files.

LAN Jukebox 1.3 LAN Jukebox 1.3
Zicht nieuwe media ontwerpers B.V.

LAN Jukebox is an MP3 jukebox that plays your favourite music at work.

Sorta Music Player 1.0 Sorta Music Player 1.0
Matthew Nuckols

This is the ideal way to sort and play audio files on your computer.

MiLo's Jukebox 5.3 MiLo's Jukebox 5.3
Mike Looijmans

MiLo's Jukebox is a small but powerfull multimedia player that allows you to create and manage playlists, read information from MIDI files and play virtually any file.

STMP3 Player 2.4 STMP3 Player 2.4
Angus McLaren

Just about every Trekkie wants an LCARS PC.

WMA Encoder Decoder 1.5.2 WMA Encoder Decoder 1.5.2
MediaTwins s.r.o.

The new Windows Media format by Microsoft Corporation enables you to utilize audio files smaller than MP3 - and better sound quality.

Search and Play - Media Player 1.1.0 Search and Play - Media Player 1.1.0
Brenaige Co.

Search and Play - Media Player is an audio and video player and it supports the usual file formats (such as avi, asf, wav, mp3).

Melody 1.52 Melody 1.52
Lighttek Software

Melody is a nice player for WAV, MPEG, MIDI, MOD files or audio CD disks.

SlowGold 7.7 SlowGold 7.7
World Wide Woodshed, LLC

Slow down music from any audio CD, MP3 file, or Wave file - hear and learn every note.

Ultimate Jukebox 3.0 Ultimate Jukebox 3.0
Tony Murphy Software

Ultimate Jukebox is a full screen capable PC Jukebox application.

Sonar 2.0.56 Sonar 2.0.56

Sonar was first built to serve as an mp3 player for the author.