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Feurio! 1.68 Screenshot Feurio is an integrated program for creating audio-CDs (especially samplers).

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Feurio is an integrated program for creating audio-CDs (especially samplers).

Feurio! contains an "audio grabbing" (digital extraction of audio-data from an audio-cd) program, a CD-database (including CDDB-support), a CD- and wave-player, a sample wave-editor and (of course) a CD-burning program.


  • A powerful Audio Grabber: In Feurio!® there's an integrated powerful tool for reading audio CDs digitally. The grabbing program can be adjusted to work with several CD-Roms using many parameters; so with almost all CD-Roms you can read CD-Roms with the maximum possible speed (e.g. reading audio with a speed of 15 times is no problem).
  • If you wish, the pauses at the beggining and the end of a track can be deleted automaticly.
  • Real Multitasking: Feurio!® has real multitasking: While burning a CD, the next CD can be read. If you have more than one CD-Rom, data can be read from multiple CDs at the same time; during reading the tracks already read can be edited.
  • Integrated project management: Feurio!® manages any number of projects (=CDs). Individual tracks can be freely copied to and from the projects, also the oder of the tracks can be modified easily. In addition Feurio!® can handle wave files on the harddisc.
  • A very robust CD Writer: Using Windows NT® it is in practice, if the system is configured correctly (right SCSI-Bus priorities, disconnect activated, no drivers that block the system too long), impossible, to generate a "Buffer-Underrun".
  • For myself, in the meantime I'm burning only in the background, and even during biggest actions in the foreground (printing, surfing in the internet, copying big files, loading a 100MB file into the editor, defragmenting the harddisc...) a wasn't able to generate a "Buffer Underrun".
  • Using Windows 95 it's also possible to continue the work when burning, but there you may not cause heavy swapping operations to the harddisc.
  • The CD Writer need just about 4% of CPU time (Basis: 166 Mhz Pentium)
  • (This is just valid when using SCSI CD Writers resp. IDE Writers with Busmaster drivers)
  • Writing on multiple CD-Writers at the same time is possible (even different CDs): Feurio!® is capable of writing to multiple CD-Writers at the same time, even different CDs can be burned at the same time (recommended only for Windows NT, fast harddisc is needed). You need the Professional Version of Feurio!® for this
  • CD Database: Feurio!® also manages your CD collection
  • CDDB Database Support: An audio CD doesn't contain the titles of the CD and the tracks; normally for every CD unknown to Feurio you would have to type these information into Feurio!®. The CDDB database in a database on the internet, that contains the titles of CD and tracks of thousands of CDs.
  • "Virtual CD Player": This player plays the arranged CDs of a project exactly as the later burned CD would sound (incl. the pauses/transitions)
  • Track Editor: The Track Editor is a simple wave editor. With this editor you can e.g. remove/cut the silence at the beginning or end of a track or insert fade-ins and fade-outs. Furthermore you can adjust the amplitude of the tracks.
  • The great advantage in contrast to a normal wave editor is, that the Feurio!® Track Editor directly works together with the Feurio!® CD Writer: All actions will be done "on the fly", i.e. only the information about the start and end positions, the fadings, the amplitude, etc. will be transferred to the Feurio!® CD Writer and the corresponding actions will be done while burning (so the wave file remains untouched).
  • Because of this the wave file doesn't have to be re-saved, so time will be saved. Furthermore the modifications can be undone at any time.
  • Last but not least, Feurio!® creates, when reading the tracks the first time, an "overview file", so that the track editor doesn't need to read in the whole wave file when starting (which means that further time is saved).
  • MP3 Support:
  • When a MP3 Codec is installed on your system, Feurio!® can work with MP3 files directly (e.g. Wave Player or Wave Editor). In particular, these files can be burned directly to CD (without decompressing them).
  • If you have installed a "professional version" of the codec or the BladeEncoder, you can also create MP3 files. You can either compress existing wave files, or you can directly read tracks from a CD in the MP3-format.
  • CD-Text Support: Feurio!® can (provided that you have an appropriate CD-Rom or CD-Writer) read CD-Text-informations (i.e. read the data on the CD), copy CD-Text-CDs or create your own CD-Text-CDs (i.e. you can write any text to the CD). Also you can "change" a "non-CD-Text"-CD to a "CD-Text"-CD.
  • Splitting wave/tracks Files
  • When e.g. you are recording a LP into your computer, you can first digitalise a complete side of the LP and store it as a wave file, afterwards you can split this file into several track with the Feurio!® Wave Editor, without the need for splitting the file into several files.
  • Automatic Adjustment of the amplitude of the tracks (of course manual adjustment is also possible!)
  • Works with joined tracks (e.g. in live recordings)
  • Pauses between the tracks can be modified
  • Pays attention to the "Pre-Emphasis-Flag"
  • Displays the filling state of the recorder buffer (if your recorder supports this, see the page: "CD-Writer Database")
  • "Overburning" of CD blanks For many CD-Writers (look at: "CD-Writer Database") it is possible, to burn more data to a blank than the "official" playing time of this blank. So a 74-minutes-blank can often be written with up to 78 minutes.
  • The results of "overburning tests" (i.e. the maximum playing time of several blanks) you can read at the page "Maximum capacity of blanks".
  • Further Feurio!® has a special test mode, with which you can determine the maximum capacity of CD blanks. The values determined will then be stored in a database, so that the maximum playing time can be shown, when later another blank of this type in inserted.
  • Specially adapted to Windows NT®: Feurio!® is specially adapted for Windows NT 4.0® . By using some special calls (e.g. setting the priority of the burning thread, locking the buffer memory, etc.) it can be ensured, that a Buffer-Underrun is hardly possible, even if the computer is very busy!
  • Cover Editor: Feurio!® contains a Cover Editor, with which a cover for the created CD can be printed. (The Cover Editor isn't finished yet, so at the moment just a standard cover can be printed; I will add capabilities for editing the cover later).

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    Feurio! 1.68 Feurio! 1.68

    Feurio is an integrated program for creating audio-CDs (especially samplers).

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    Feurio is an integrated program for creating audio-CDs (especially samplers).