Daylon Leveller 2.5

Daylon Leveller 2.5 Screenshot Daylon Leveller is a terrain/bumpmap/heightfield modeler.

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Daylon Leveller is a terrain/bumpmap/heightfield modeler. It allows freestyle realtime navigation of terrain data along with comprehensive creation, editing, animation, rendering, and import/export facilities.

Leveller brings you smooth interactive 3D editing, numerous filters, full memory-efficient multiple Undo/Redo, reams of documentation, diverse import/export, 16-bit selection masking, fast rendition prototyping, and more.

Leveller supports graphic tablets for a natural drawing feel. Apply a light touch to create subtle lifts and depressions or a heavy one to quickly push elevations around. Customize pressure sensitivity mappings individually for each tool.

If you can work a paint program, you can use Leveller. All the main tools are there: brushes to dig, raise, and level, rectangular/elliptical/arbitary selectors, linear/radial gradient ramping, text, and so on. It's not a general 3D modeler, a complex GIS system, or a high-end renderer -- nothing to learn or worry about except shaping terrain.

No terracing, no unwanted steps between areas of different elevation. Create massive peaks and subtle depressions. Every pixel of your heightfield is stored in full 32-bit precision for the smoothest modeling experience. No matter what you export to, your source data will always be of the finest quality.

See your work the way it really looks, in both two and three dimensions. Use plentiful rendering options to boost 3D display speed across a wide variety of systems. Apply colormaps, textures and water levels. Turn on true dot-product lighting and test moveable light sources with shadows. Insert 3D reference shapes to position terrain edits precisely with other scene objects.

Over half of Leveller's code isn't even inside Leveller -- it's in plug-ins. You can quickly add needed functionality without upgrading. Plug-ins support filtering, importing, exporting, selecting, viewing, map and scene rendering, and shaders for raytracing.

Leveller plays well with others. Import and export between renderers, modelers, GIS applications and paint programs. There's even public text and binary clipboard formats for copying and pasting between spreadsheets and other applications. And if a format isn't available, there's a plug-in SDK to make it available.

Leveller lets you bend heightfields into a variety of common shapes such as cones,

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Daylon Leveller 2.5 Daylon Leveller 2.5
Daylon Graphics

Daylon Leveller is a terrain/bumpmap/heightfield modeler.

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Daylon Leveller 2.5 Daylon Leveller 2.5
Daylon Graphics

Daylon Leveller is a terrain/bumpmap/heightfield modeler.

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