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AXE 3.4 Screenshot AXE is a powerful hex editor.

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AXE is a powerful hex editor.AXE has two major benefits.

As usable as a text editor:
With AXE you can type, cut, copy, paste, insert, and delete hex, ASCII, or Unicode text. You can drag and drop from one document to another, you can product text or HTML reports. You can open extra synchronized views of a document. You can goto, find, replace, and jump. You can mark changed areas, mark interesting areas, mark areas that differ from another version of the document, set bookmarks, and zoom the view in and out to see it all clearly.

More powerful than any other hex editor:
You can define ranges of marked bytes, then search in them or apply arithmetic to them. You can define structures, and then edit areas of the document using the structure as a template. You can create and run expressions. You can work with enormous files without slowing your system. You can edit disks, drives, and memory.

AXE features
Powerful, modern editing environment:
  • Cut-and-paste, drag-n-drop, Unicode support -- all the things you expect in a Windows text editing environment are there for you in AXE.
    Work with huge files:
  • AXE's sophisticated memory management means that opening a 60 megabyte file is a fast operation that won't stress your computer -- and for enormous files (up to 2G should be okay) there is a special 'Huge File Mode' that uses almost no RAM at all!
    Navigation features:
  • AXE can highlight changed areas, diffs, and anything else you want. You can zoom in and out, jump, search for any type, set bookmarks, find regularities, see a graphical view, replace strings...
  • Operations like CRC generation, diffing, and arithmetic are built in to AXE.
    Structures and Scripts:
  • You can define data structures and overlay them on the document, or you can write scripts and use them to transform the data however you like.

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    AXE 3.4 AXE 3.4
    jBrowse Inc

    AXE is a powerful hex editor.

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    AXE is a powerful hex editor.

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